Whitewater Rafting the Lower Salmon River


Located in the middle of Idaho,

the Salmon River runs 425 miles from the deep wilderness of Idaho to the confluence with the Snake River. The Salmon River is the largest undammed river in the lower 48 states. It is known as “The River of No Return”, named when early explorers could navigate the river downstream but couldn’t pull their wooden boats back upstream due to strong currents and rapids.

Our Salmon Whitewater Rafting Trips are 62 miles through some of the most beautiful canyons on the Salmon River: Green Canyon, Cougar Canyon, Snowhole Canyon, and Blue Canyon. Rapids alternate between fun and splashy whitewater to calm stretches of relaxing floating.

Whitewater Rafting Vacations on the Salmon River are perfect for families or large groups. Kids love the big sandy beaches and great fishing. Select from our Salmon River adventures today. Do you need assistance with booking? Contact us–our staff is ready to help.


  • Class II, III, and IV whitewater rafting: experience all types of waves
  • Luxury beach camping and delicious gourmet meals
  • Abundant sandy beaches to enjoy, play river games on, and camp!
  • Extraordinary scenery and wildlife viewing. On our Salmon River adventures, our groups typically see mountain goats, sheep, bald eagles, otters, bear, deer, and many more!
  • Hike to beautiful vistas, old homesteads and petroglyphs made by people long ago. All hikes are optional
  • Kayak the Salmon River through the rapids for adventure or in the mellow water to explore
  • Fish for smallmouth bass and in the fall: steelhead fish


  • Shuttle to and from the Salmon River. Trips can start and end either at our office location in Cambridge, ID or in Lewiston, ID.

  • 4-Day, 5-Day, or