Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Idaho Rafting Trips with ARC? Below are the most frequently asked questions. 

General Rafting Questions

Why should I go on an overnight whitewater rafting trip?

Beacuse it is a one-of-a-kind-adventure. Take all the best parts of whitewater rafting and camping, then add serene wilderness and delicious meals into the mix, and then take out all the planning, packing and preperation. It’s the perfect way to get into nature and finally relax. There’s no service, no emails, no work, so it’s just you, your favorite people and awesome activities to enterain and bond. We take care of all the prep work and heaving lifting, cooking and cleaning during the trip so you can enjoy the trip to it’s absolute max.

Why book a trip with ARC?

We love what we do and that love translates to the best possible rafting trip for you! ARC provides the most customizable river trips with the best food. Our rivers are stunning, quiet and clean. Our guides are professional, knowledgable, caring and fun. Our food is locally sourced, scratch made, and absolutely delicious. Our gear is constantly updated, meticulously maintained and cleaned. On top of all that, we are all about giving you a smooth enjoyable vacation, from the first phone call to sticky sunscreen goodbye hugs.

Are whitewater rafting trips safe?

Whitewater rafting always has inherent risks but can be made safer with good guides, good equipment, and good choices. Here at ARC, we mitigate risks by:

  • Using only updated and extremely well maintained equiptment
  • Training guides in not only guiding, but wilderness first aid and customer service
  • Always wearing PFD’s (Personal Floataion Devices also known as life jackets)
  • Having a thorough safety meeting before every trip to discuss potential dangers and how to act in those rare sitations
  • Always carrying a satetlite phone for emergencies
Will there be internet or service during the trip?

No, all service is lost almost immediately on the bus ride to the boat ramp. Service doesn’t return until the bus ride back after the trip, and even then it’s spotty.

It’s the perfect time to take a break from emails, social media, and just general screen time and spend that time with your favoite people while on an incredible adventure.

Also, there will be no way of charging electronics on the trip but you are more than welcome to bring your own battery packs. Just be aware that anything that is brought on the river has a chance of getting wet.

What ages are appropriate for a whitewater rafting trip?

Anyone 7-70+ in good health with an adventurous side.

On the younger side: It’s best if kids are good swimmers, have been camping before, and like the outdoors. If too many activities are new, it can be an overwhelming trip for the young ones but if they like the outdoors and water, they’ll love whitewater rafting. There’s plenty of varied activites throughout the day like swimming, fishing, hiking, beach games, and swimming some more. We’ve seem more than a few kids have so much fun that they’re alseep in their tent before dessert is even served.

On the older side: 70+ is a reccomendation. It’s really about your health and physical abilities! These trips require whitewater rafting (but not paddling) big rapids, getting in and out of boats onto rocky ground and walking over those rocks which can be unstable and wobbly. Nightly accommodations are sleeping on the ground on thick sleeping pads. Cots are available – just request one before your trip. 

The whitewater is biggest in the spring, and the canyons are hottest in July and August, so Septmeber is the most popular time for older folks to jump on the river. Hells Canyon is quiet, warm but not too hot, and absolutely beautiful during that time.

Do I need to be physically fit for these trips?

Physically capable but not necessarily physically fit. You must be able to swim, get in and out of rafts, and walk on rocky and uneven surfaces. That’s it. All hikes and kayaking are optional.

Looking for more physical activity during a rafting trip? Let us know on your trip questionnaire and we can add more hikes to your trip. Usually there’s opportunities to hike and explore along the river at camp in the evenings.

What should I wear whitewater rafting?

The best thing to wear rafting is something that you’ll be comfortable in all day, in the sun, and when wet. This varies person to person but we recommend layering with swim gear as the first layer, with a t-shirt or sun protective layers on top. Shoes are especially important on the raft. You’ll want sturdy sandals with a heel strap. They’ll be in the water most of the day so leather isn’t the best material. Don’t have rafting shoes? Old tennis sneakers will work but they will be wet for the entire trip, so be sure to bring dry shoes just for camp.

Rafting clothing varies greatly depending on the season, so be sure to check out our packing lists for the full recommended amount of gear. Chances are you’ll brin