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7 Biggest Myths of Whitewater Rafting Trips We know you’ve heard them. We’re here to debunk to top whitewater rafting myths: 1. Whitewater Rafting is only for adrenaline junkies Maybe the super crazy whitewater is. This is not that. The whitewater rafting trips with Americas Rafting Co are a good mix of relaxing calm water and fun rapids. There’s so much more to these trips than just the whitewater rapids! 2. It will...

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FAQ: Rafting with Kids

Posted By on Apr 2, 2019

FAQ: Rafting with Kids Many parents are unsure if an overnight rafting trip is right for their family and their little ones. Here are ARC, we want not only the parents but the kids to have the best and safest possible family vacation. We do this by not only making sure it’s right adventure for the kids before the trip but also to pack and plan a trip that is prefect for kids. How old do my kids need to go rafting? Kids 7 and up...

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5 Reasons why it’s good to go on Adventure Vacations There’s something about adventure trip vacations that a beach or city vacation just can’t provide. Here are the 5 reasons we think Idaho whitewater rafting trips are the absolute best kind of vacation around. 1. You can challenge yourself. Push through your fears. Hike that mountain. Raft that whitewater. Kayak that rapid. See what you are capable of, because...

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Chartering a River Trip

Posted By on Mar 19, 2019

Chartering a River Trip Looking for a private river trip with just you and the people you know? A Charter Trip is the right kind of trip for you. Whether its a Hells Canyon Rafting Trip or a Lower Salmon Rafting Trip, here are some great group ideas to get the most out of your chartered trip: 1. Family Trips Perfect for 1 family or more looking for an extra special family vacation. Tailor the trip to your family’s wants and...

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Rafting Shoes: the good, the bad, the flip flops So you’re going whitewater rafting. The packing list says to wear sandals with a heel strap. What exactly does that mean? Here’s our recommendations for our favorites, shoes that will work, and shoes that should be banned from wearing on rafts. The BEST Rafting Shoes If you’re looking to buy a new (or used) pair of water shoes, these babies are our favorites. Chacos...

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10 Fun Facts about Hells Canyon

Posted By on Mar 4, 2019

1. It’s the deepest canyon in North America True. It’s deeper than the Grand Canyon by almost 2,000 feet. The Snake River lies 7,993 feet below the peaks of the Seven Devils Mountains on the Idaho side and the Blue Mountains on the Oregon side 2. The Snake River runs north through Hells Canyon It seems weird that a river runs north but it actually happens all the time. The Nile, Red River and Florida’s St....

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