Summers are absolutely gorgeous in Hells Canyon. Usually about 10° warmer than surrounding towns, Hells Canyon is known to be hot throughout the summer which is ideal for whitewater rafting trips. The Snake River’s temperature usually stays between 60°-70°, perfect for refreshing swims.

Average Temperatures and Days of Rainfall in Hells Canyon

Max Avg Temp69°82°92°94°82°
Min Avg Temp49°55°64°64°58°
Days of Rain87334




The Snake River is controlled by the Hells Canyon Dam, which is the start of Hells Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trips. The highest water of the year is normally in the spring through May and June, then the level slowly lowers throughout the summer. High water provides big roller coaster style waves and quick water, sometimes even burying rapids into nothing but flat water. Lower water amplifies rapids making them super splashy and fun. All levels are a blast in Hells Canyon and there’s always water throughout the summer thanks to the Hells Canyon Dam!


Recent River Flows at the Hells Canyon Dam

USGS Water-data graph for site 06025500


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