Whitewater rafting as a family is something special:

smiling, laughing, and bonding together on an epic adventure vacation that everyone will look back on fondly.


That’s the fun and easy part…The hard part is deciding if an overnight whitewater rafting vacation is right for you and your family.

What if someone falls out of the boat?

What if the kids have trouble sleeping outdoors in the tents?

What if they don’t like the food the guides prepare?

What the heck needs to be packed?

These are all super common concerns. Here’s a look into the concerns and perks of a family whitewater rafting trip:


Boater safety is the most important thing on the river. Fun is second. Between safety talks, ALWAYS wearing lifejackets on the boats and going over even the worst case scenarios, we want everyone to know what to do if something doesn’t go quite right. Chances are if someone does fall out of the boat, they’ll go for a quick swim through a few waves and be pulled right back into the raft. Sure, it can be scary but most swims lead to a great story and laughter for years to come.


A family looks on as an ARC guide point out the rafting line at Granite Rapid in Hells Canyon on the Snake River


Those kids will have smiles plastered to their faces. From getting splashed in the rapids, to swimming in the long stretches of calm river, to pulling out fish after fish after fish, to trying inflatable kayaking for the first time, to playing bocce ball on the riverside beaches, to seeing a bear walking down the shore, every kid on a river trip finds an activity that glues a smile to their face. And it’s contagious.