8 Reasons To Go Overnight Whitewater Rafting


1) Get away from it all.


No bosses calling, emails buzzing, or morning alarms. There’s no cell service on the Snake River and Salmon River and that means it’s a great time to decompress and take a break from modern life. Wake with the sun, sleep with the stars, and raft when it’s nice and hot.


2) Bond with your friends, kids, brother, mother…


Jump into a whitewater rafting adventure and I promise you, you’ll bond with your trip-mates. Saving your buddy from slipping out of a raft in a rapid, helping your child catch a fish, or inflatable kayaking with your sibling will create a stronger bond than a city experience ever could.┬áMemories that are talked about for a lifetime are made on rafting trips.

Our Salmon River Whitewater Rafting Trips are perfect for big families, big groups, and smaller kids who’ll love the big sandy beaches. Our Hells Canyon Rafting Trips are great for anyone who wants to get out there and explore the deepest canyon in North America.


3) It’s a good bang for your buck


The price tag of an overnight whitewater rafting trip can look steep, but these are all-inclusive vacations: 3 Day, 4 Day or 5 Day Hells Canyon rafting trips where we take care of it all. There are no extra expenses or hidden fees of a standard vacation (and it’s nearly impossible to spend money while in the deepest canyon in North America). They are full days of entertainment with guides to show you the best spots around, 3 scrumptious home cooked meals a day (plus appetizers, desserts and snacks), happy hours, games, fishing, hiking, and much much more.


4) Take a big breath of fresh air


Nothing beats that fresh mountain air.