Have you ever had one of those weekends that is so full of yard work and projects, you’re ready for Monday to come just for a break!?! Ya, we had one of those weekends! It was full of all kinds of projects, such as digging the new boat house’s dirt floor out, replacing it with road base, pulling strings across to make sure it’s levels and then packing it down with what I think is a jackhammer with a large footprint on the bottom (although, I’m sure that there’s a more technical term) Anyways, this rafting company was busy getting the boat shop ready for the concrete truck to show up this week.

Now, I know you’re wondering what we did with all that dirt? Oh, you weren’t wondering that, but you are now! Well, since you asked, we dropped it in a huge pile and then carefully and mostly pain-stakingly screened it one wheel barrow full at a time to dump into our new raised beds. My word, those silly little raised beds wanted a lot of dirt! It was quite the process, but now we have 4 raised beds full of dirt and awaiting plants. Although it’s still a bit cold for this rafting company to be transplanting tender young plants. That is a chore for another beautiful weekend around the warehouse. We’ll soon have fresh lettuces, beans and fingers crossed: tomatoes on our rafting trips! For now, I will keep checking the little seedlings posted up in the window, basking in the warm sunshine!IMG_2123.JPG

Hope your weekend was great and spent outside, even if it involved shoveling dirt and chores!

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