This past weekend was a great one! The weather had been calling for snow all week, so we were anticipating a weekend indoors due to the snow (really limits visibility) but, ended up pleasantly surprised by the warm sun and blue skies! In preparation for the upcoming season, I took some time on Saturday to make some banana bread. On all of our Snake River rafting trips, we serve a special breakfast that calls for homemade banana bread. During the winter, I stock up on “red-band bananas” as our local market labels them and bake banana bread to stow away in the freezer for our upcoming Snake River rafting trips. It’s a great way to spend a snowy Saturday afternoon, while Parker is in EMT class.


Sunrise over our sleepy little town.

Sunday, the snow cleared away and the skies were a magnificent blue! A day spent outside was calling us, so we loaded up the dogs and the snow shoes. Many of you may remember Tub and his antics from the Snake River rafting trip: #HellHikeandRaft, he was visiting over the weekend, so he joined our adventure and played in the snow too! It doesn’t take long to get from our shop to pristine untouched snow, like a whole five minute drive and we were in a great big meadow with snow shoes strapped on and ready to go. After the first 1/2 mile or so, layers were shed, it was a beautiful day. We explored a bit and with tired pups and tired humans, headed back to the car.


Fetch is exhausting in 4 feet of snow!


Headed out!

How was your weekend: what were your adventures? Any snow-shoeing or baking?

See you on the river…