Hello and Happy Monday! Hope that you all had a great weekend. It’s been very cold here in Meadows
Valley, Idaho. Yesterday, I got some office work done in the early morning, because it was a IMG_0048.JPGwhole -3 degrees outside! Suddenly, data entry is a lot more attractive when there’s a warm fire, hot cup of coffee and no other distractions, because the cold winter outside takes your breath away. In other news, our Idaho fishing guides were able to get out on the river over the weekend. The river was a bit warmer than the -3 degrees I was experiencing, but not by much. In fact, Parker reported to me that after just an hour of being outside, his water bottle had frozen solid, which made staying hydrated rather difficult. With the help of our Idaho fishing guides, our salmon river rafting trips have morphed into fishing trips and we’re not complaining. There were some beautiful fish caught on the river over the weekend. The fall steelhead run is on and it’s been a great run so far!


New boat shop with the first snow fall of the year.

Here’s an updated photo of the new boat shop. Siding is on it’s way to being done, we sanded and stained sheets till we were blue in the face last week, but all the stain fumes paid off when we got a look at what the shop will be in the end, it’s coming together quite nicely. We are looking forward to a finished product, but fear that mother nature may have a different idea in mind and that’s ok, we can’t change her mind when it comes to winter. The snow has fallen and it looks like it might be staying for the long haul, the weather isn’t forecast to be much higher than 38 degrees all week, the progress on the boat shop has slowed down a bit for now. So has our rafting and hiking trips for that matter. We’re not sure that the boats will get to come out of hibernation again (other than the yearly check up, getting unrolled and inspected) until Spring when cabin fever is in it’s final stages and we can’t stand not visiting the river canyons.



Drift boat, sporting our hellscanyon.com logo

I’m off to finish up some of that office work I started yesterday, looking forward to a productive week. If you got out over the weekend, be sure to share, even if it wasn’t playing on the water with Idaho fishing guides, maybe it was a little more weather appropriate like a brisk hike or even a snow ball fight, let us know what you’ve been up too!

See you on the river…