Big things are happening here….

We raised the roof! Well, technically I did not raise anything at all, but I did cheer the roof raising on and it looks awesome! This Idaho Rafting Outfitters had a productive weekend, we were able to get the trusses, sheeting and roofing on the new boat shop and just in time, we got some rain/snow/hail on Sunday night, so we can now let out a big phew! I’m glad that’s over, now it’s on to siding this week and weekend.

We were also able to sneek away for a bit and get down to the Salmon River for some steelhead fishing, the weather was chilly on Saturday, but bearable. Sunday was rainy and soggy. No complaints, here from this Idaho Rafting Outfitter. Anytime spent on the river is time well spent. We always tell people, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. So we layered up and headed into Green Canyon, the first of three canyons on the Salmon River.

Check out some photos from this weekend:


Scout, the ultimate Idaho Rafting Outfitters dog! Peering over at Pine Bar rapids on the Salmon River.


Willows along the Salmon River showing their fall colors.


Drift boat fishing on the Salmon River


Idaho Rafting Outfitters, progress on the new boat shop.