The time has come, high water is here and we’re packing for trips!!! Our 2014 Rafting in Idaho season is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited! We can’t wait to get things underway and enjoy the brilliance that is Rafting in Idaho! We’ve had some great seasons in the past, but think that our 2014 season will be the best yet!!295 (1024x683)

Rafting in Idaho can mean different things to different people, for us, it means making a living doing the most enjoyable thing on the planet: whitewater rafting!!! We are fortunate souls in that we can call rafting work! To others, rafting in Idaho may mean camping under the stars, blasting though big whitewater, spending time with loved ones on the river, reeling in a big sturgeon or simply floating down a lazy river. Whatever it means to you and however you spend your time on the water, no time is wasted when talking about, dreaming about or actually rafting in Idaho!

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This season so far has brought us some Steelhead fishing trips, a couple Salmon fishing trips, an Owyhee River rafting trip. It’s been great and getting better. The Salmon River is raging right now, so far it’s peaked at 67,000 cfs and today it’s running at 46,300 cfs. CFS stands for cubic feet per second. If you were to string a line across the river, 46,300 cubic feet of water are passing that line every second! That’s huge!! That’s a lot of water! In high water season like were are experiencing right now, we see very brown water, often referred to as chocolate. There is also a lot of debris in the water- sticks, mud, etc. All the trees that fell during winter get swept down the mountain during snow melt and fall into the river, then as the river lowers some sticks are left on the river banks and some go all the way out to the ocean, or get stopped by the next dam. Those sticks in the water can be un-safe for rafts and other boats, so if we do float the river during high water we use extreme caution.

Our trips are right around the corner, the warehouse is getting packed and we are counting down the days until we are on the river more than we are off. Many fun posts are to come about our trips, our menus, our guides and our 2014 rafting in Idaho season!

See you on the river…