Our last Hells Canyon Rafting trip for the Summer 2013 was a success! Fall is fast approaching and summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean we are done visiting Idaho’s river canyons. In fact, fall is just about as active for us on the river as summer time is! But, there will be plenty of talk about fall in the weeks to come, today I am sharing our latest and greatest river trip! We launched on Thursday the 5th, floated for 3 days and I met the crew at the landing- it was a great trip!!

The begining of the week had called for thunderstorms and rain showers, they were predicted to pack up and leave West Central Idaho by Thursday morning, but as we buzzed down the road, getting closer to Hells Canyon Dam we could tell that those storms weren’t ready to leave yet. Wouldn’t you know it, by the time that we were parked on the ramp and unloading gear, the rain started to pour! Luckily, all of our gear is water proof. We, however are not so waterproof. I wasn’t going on the trip, I was shuttling the vehicles, so I didn’t pack a rain jacket, but we always have spare rain jackets and ponchos in case someone forgets their’s. So, I grabbed a poncho and hefted more gear out of the truck. The guides had the boats rigged in no time and we went to the Visitor’s Center to chat and escape the rain. Shortly after, the guests arrived and they were ready to launch, we fitted life jackets, talked about safety, loaded the rafts and pushed off the dam for another epic Hells Canyon Rafting trip.

Stay tuned, I will finish the rest of the story in next week’s post. In the meantime- here is a couple of shots and videos from the trip: