I have been backpacking all over the western United States in many different mountain ranges, with many different people. But, I don’t know that I could choose another mountain range that I like more than backpacking the Seven Devils Mountains.

I love everything about backpacking- the simplicity, the exhilaration, the exhaustion the tests you can put yourself through and most of all the scenery! There is a part of backpacking that really can get tedious, after spending the first stretch of your hike checking out new scenery and enjoying the views, you get to your destination, remark at how much work you just put yourself through and then you have to  turn around and go back the same way you came! That’s the great part about the backpacking the Seven Devils, there is an entire loop to follow- no backtracking! There are many other hikes just off the loop to get to the various lakes, peaks and valleys, one can easily spend 3-10 days staying very close to the loop and never having to go back the way  you came. It’s a great feeling to know that each day, you’ll be seeing something new- new vegetation, new canyons and streams and even a new state! There is a section on the loop where you can peer over into Oregon!

photo 3 (5)

A view from backpacking the Seven Devils.

The Seven Devils are comprised of many peaks, seven of which are the tallest and they are aptly named- with a devilish twist. Below are the peaks with their elevation and GPS coordinates.

He Devil9,393 ft
2863 m
45.324135°N 116.548418°W
She Devil9,380 ft
2859 m
45.323996°N 116.540596°W
Devils Throne9,281 ft
2829 m
45.308791°N 116.554899°W
Tower of Babel9,268 ft
2825 m
45.330067°N 116.528399°W
The Ogre9,255 ft
2821 m
45.319545°N 116.532146°W
Mount Baal9,160 ft
2792 m